I’m in the process of building a tiny free house out of pallets of my own and in the past couple months I’ve learned a lot about building with pallets. I’m not a professional builder or architect. I’m a professional web designer who works for a giant bank by day and blogs about tiny houses and green cars at night.

As hurricane Gustav plowed across Cuba headed for the gulf coast of the United States memories of Katrina and the potential displacement of thousands got me thinking. I wanted to do something to help. It occurred to me that someone else might find what I now about building with shipping pallets useful in the coming weeks and months. So I setup this simple micro-blog to make it easy to show others one way to build with pallets.

At first I thought I’d just throw a post on my main tiny house design blog but quickly realized that what I had to say was much bigger than one post. In fact I thought it deserved it’s own micro-blog that brings all the how-to info together in one place with easy navigation. I figured if you need this kind of information in a hurry and under stress, I bet you’d appreciate it easy to access.

If you decide to build a tiny house like this please be careful and use this information at your own risk. Pallets are not the best material to build with. In fact if you have access to ample lumber I’d say use it! It will be faster and probably better to build that way than with pallets. The main advantage of building with pallets is that they are very common and often free. In an emergency situation a few dozen pallets and sheets of plywood could be easily thrown together into an adequate shelter.

This information is 100% free. I hope you find this useful.

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  2. ive needed a shed for years and never thought of using pallets,my brother in law worked for a pallet company years ago,and he made all of his own garden furniture with them,they lasted years!

  3. I am building this alone and have one question what do you use to hold the pallets together. One other thing do you think a female along can build this??

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