Tent Cities on Oprah

oprah-tent-cityYesterday there was a great story on Oprah that included a segment on tent cities right here in Sacramento. I first came up with the tiny pallet house plans one weekend in the fall of 2008 as a hurricane blasted into the Gulf Coast. Today I’m thinking that tiny pallet houses might be a valuable temporary solution for those Americans stuck out in this current economic hurricane.

Oprah has posted several of the clips from the show online. If you missed the story you should definitely take a moment to watch them. This story should really hit home for all of us who rely on our jobs to pay our rent and mortgage. The sad truth is that many Americas are stuck in a tight spot between our last paycheck and homelessness.

The news story has inspired me to come up with a version of this tiny house that could be built with pallets, tarps, bailing wire and very few hand tools. I wish I were in a position to go out and help build tiny houses but I try to do whatever I can to help. I should be able to post the new plans tonight.

Below are still images from the video clips that are now on Oprah’s website. Photo credit Harpo Productions, Inc.

One thought on “Tent Cities on Oprah

  1. I use to live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I wanted to start a tiny house community there. I’ve been researching alternative housing for about 4 years now. Then later on, I read that someone wanted to use pallets. So I sat down and designed my own plans. But I did not have a website then. So I was not able to show them. A person may have his or her own plan design. So, there are many ways to approach a design, and still have a safe and comfortable one. I felt comfortable designing my own because, I’ve been studying carpentry books for at least 2 years now. You learn a lot about codes, construction technics, loads, etc. You may even come up with your own technics. There is always new house construction evolving. Alternative housing, tiny houses and solar energy is the today and tomorrow way of. It is the future. And with homelessness on the rise….the government needs to really look into it. There are people out her including myself, that want to get involved. I designed and plan to live in a 16 by 16feet cabin. And I’m working on designing smaller units. Small can be beautiful, practical and affordable.
    Some great carpentry books are by Larry Haun, A Time Life Book titled: Cabins and Cottages, and books by Jeanie and David Stiles, which consist of very unique structures. And of course the internet to continue your future research in these areas.

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