Homeless Housing Design Concept

emily_carr_homeless_housing_projectThis is a tiny house concept designed by students at Emily Carr University that is intended to be a simple shelter for the homeless.  These little houses measure less than 64 square feet and cost less than $1500 in materials. As tent cities continue to grow accross America maybe it would make sense for local governments to allow tiny house communities like these to solve the immediate need for affordable housing. They would sure beat living in a tent. Read more

Prepare Your Mind – Download A Copy Of Wikipedia

wikipediaPreparing for disasters usually includes things like storing food, water, and basic survival gear for keeping yourself alive and safe through difficult times. But I’ve never seen anyone suggest that they should prepare for the possibility that information itself may become difficult to access during a disaster situation. There is an incredibly simple and virtually free way of solving this problem; download Wikipedia itself.

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Tent Cities on Oprah

oprah-tent-cityYesterday there was a great story on Oprah that included a segment on tent cities right here in Sacramento. I first came up with the tiny pallet house plans one weekend in the fall of 2008 as a hurricane blasted into the Gulf Coast. Today I’m thinking that tiny pallet houses might be a valuable temporary solution for those Americans stuck out in this current economic hurricane.
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