What is This?

As hurricane season picked up speed memories of Katrina got me thinking. I wanted to do something to help. It occurred to me that someone might find what I know about building with shipping pallets useful. So I setup this simple micro-blog to make it easy to show others how to build a tiny temporary house with pallets and provide information on disaster preparedness in general.

flat-pallet-house I’ve posted a few other pallet house designs on my Tiny House Design blog. The pallet house on this site uses pallets very efficiently but the other designs would make better long-term housing. View the alternate tiny pallet house design.

3 thoughts on “What is This?

  1. Hi Loved the whole idea to reuse old pallets and was admiring your designs I was thinking another way to attach the pallets to each other could be running a few of the extra runners from other scrap pallets in between instead of at the ends of them sort of tying them into each other I wish I could show u what I mean in a picture and also I was thinking since some pallets are hard wood and terrible for trying to screw into maybe suggest drilling pilot holes smaller than the diameter of the screw so that it still grabs

  2. Hi I just wanted to thank you! This is very interesting and informational! I do not know if I will have an opportunity to try it – but if given I will sure do it! Love the idea and the complete instructions! Awesome!! Thank you!!

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