The Humanure Handbook – A Simple Sawdust Toilet

In an emergency situation one simple thing can turn into a real mess… yes I’m talking about poo. What to do with the poo? Someone recently commented on one of my tiny house blogs that using a sawdust toilet might be the ideal solution for many people in many situations. It seems like the perfect solution for an emergency situation. Continue reading

What is This?

As hurricane season picked up speed memories of Katrina got me thinking. I wanted to do something to help. It occurred to me that someone might find what I know about building with shipping pallets useful. So I setup this simple micro-blog to make it easy to show others how to build a tiny temporary house with pallets and provide information on disaster preparedness in general.

flat-pallet-house I’ve posted a few other pallet house designs on my Tiny House Design blog. The pallet house on this site uses pallets very efficiently but the other designs would make better long-term housing. View the alternate tiny pallet house design.

How To Spot a Good Pallet

Pallets come in a number of standard sizes and an infinite number of irregular custom sizes. In America the most common pallet measures 40″ by 48″. The thickness varies but is about 5.5 inches. If you can’t find perfect standard pallets you can still build with them it just takes longer and you end up cobbling them together. This is what I’ve begun doing with my tiny free house and it take a lot of extra work. Continue reading