Step 8: Interior and Exterior Sheathing

Now that the pallet walls are up and the roof is on it’s time to sheet the interior and exterior. I’d use plywood since it adds a lot of structural strength to the tiny house. If plywood is not available use whatever you can find. 4’x8′ sheets of the most weather resistant material you can find is best.

If you use surface mount windows this will give you an opportunity to cover the window flanges with the exterior sheathing. If house wrap is available adding this to the exterior of the pallets prior to attaching the exterior sheathing will make a tighter seal.

The most important part of this step is to try and make your tiny pallet house as air tight as possible. The more air tight a house is the warmer and cooler it will stay. If you have insulation available by all means add it before sheathing the interior.

I personally think metal roofs are best. They might be louder in the rain but they sure stand up to the weather better. They also don’t tend to fly off like asphalt shingles when towing your tiny house down the highway. Always lay down roofing felt (a.k.a tar paper) before applying the final roofing material and if flashing is available by all means put that around the edge of the roof on top of the roofing felt.

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6 thoughts on “Step 8: Interior and Exterior Sheathing

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  2. hey can u send me the compleate plans for a small houes on a traler . may be even a fold out type if u can but if not wot ever u hav is gud chers

  3. thank for what you are doing here, with the way it is right now,so many lossing there homes. here is a way to not be homeless

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